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December 24, 2015  •  1 Comment

Gorge Geike NPGorge Geike NPBird nests Gorge Geike NP Gorge Geike NPGorge Geike NPGorge Geike NP Gorge Geike NPGorge Geike NPCrock on Rock Geike NP Its Christmas.

My apologies to those of you that were hanging out for the last post of the Kimberley trip. Life got in the way Geike NPGorge Geike NPSpectacular rock forms in Geike NP here for a while but just to make up for it here are some pictures from that final spell.

We went out to Geiki Gorge NP from Fitzroy Crossing and had a short cruise on the river into the gorge. Perhaps not the most spectacular of the gorges on our tour but interesting for all that. The flood levels were certainly impressive. They were shown in the NP hut and also on the walls of the gorge. You could see the similarity of the rock types between here and Windjana particularly the white Devonian period rock with its caves and holes. The weird and familiar shapes in the cliffs were notable particularly the one that looked like Richard Nixon's profile. There were a few freshwater crocks basking in places as well.

The other port of call was to the Prison tree just out of Derby Town. A giant boab with a hollow centre which would house prisoners awaiting transfer to bigger centres and facilities. In the same area were lots of strangely shaped boabs often accompanied by termite mounds to match. Nearby is a huge long water trough used to water cattle and horses after muster.

Biggest Cattle Trough DerbyBiggest Cattle Trough DerbyClaimed to be the biggest cattle trough in the state of WA A big slab of the day was taken up with the drive into Broome. We were one of the first to be dropped off at our hotel and spent some time sorting ourselves and our luggage out for the trip home late on the following day. We weren't flying out until about 6pm so we had a lazy day in Broome. We had had 2 days in Broome a few years back.

And so, here we are and its Christmas day in a bright sunny and windy Fairhaven.

In the intervening months there has been much to do including producing these intermittent posts. Enjoying and learning from a U3A Life writing course and trying to take advantage of a second U3A Bowls class which unlike the first was confounded by the weather. Health matters were attended too including my ENT specialist telling me that he didn't want to see me again unless something dramatic transpired. The Urologist telling me that I didn't have prostate problems and to keep taking the pills. The eye specialist looked into my eyes with various devices and declared my melanoma dead but not shrinking much, its a long term thing and "get that cataract fixed before I see you in six months time".  Unfortunately my brother David has not been so fortunate, being diagnosed with an aggressive Prostate cancer and has started a course of treatment that will go on well into the new year and hopefully provide him with some relief. I will go and collect him to join us for Christmas lunch which will include lots of prawns and oysters and other good things. I will try and slip out to check on the Imperial blue butterflies who have started the hatching/mating rituals very early this year. It was February last season but weather conditions have been so crazy this spring/summer that it's not surprising that they are confused. I will try my hand at making a movie of this event this time although it's not something I'm experienced with.

         So its time to wish all my friends around the world  

                A Very Merry Christmas  

Imperial BlueResting on a wattle tree Imperial BlueImperial Blue butterfly on wattle leaves    and a 

Happy New Year



Helen locke(non-registered)
I love the photo of the gorge. Very pleased to hear the news regarding your health problems but very sorry to hear about your brother. I took what I think was a terrific photo of the full moon on Christmas night. I will email it to you
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