Day 17. 27th June 2015 Mount HArt and Bell River Gorge.

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As time passes, the days on this trip slowly merge into a pleasant memory. One day that still stands out in particular was this one. Our trip into Bell River Gorge. It was sunny and warm with a slight cooling breeze. We set out from Mount Hart Station for what was no longer considered a long drive; we were getting used to the distances.

Kimberley PanoramaKimberley PanoramaKimberley Panorama on the way to Bell River Gorge We stopped at one point to view a range of one time mountains through a blue haze and have some morning tea. We were at the top of a long descent and I decided on a panorama as the only way of representing the view, when, peddling furiously, came a young cyclist up the hill, followed a little later by her partner. Both were fully laden and I marveled at their stamina.  Kimberley Hardworking TouristKimberley Hardworking TouristCycling fully laden in the Kimberley.

Quite happy to watch their exertions, we piled back on the coach and got to the parking area for the gorge just in time for lunch. By this time it was hot and we were very glad of the shelter provided by National Parks. As with so many of the places we saw, the grass was high and brown and we set off down an uneven path with assurances from Jamie that this was only a short walk and well within our abilities. The path got rockier as it started down and we crossed our first stream without any more than a cautious step on a stepping stone. The path was now rock strewn and we needed to watch our step carefully.

Bell River Gorge Dry CreekbedBell River Gorge Dry CreekbedBell River Gorge Dry Creek bed not easy on the ankles. Another crossing was obviously a river bed at certain times of year but hardly wet now. Not far now, we were told and we started to get glimpses of water through the trees and greenery which brought us to the last drop and creek crossing. With far more care we made it into a rocky wonderland of pools big and small, the roar of an unseen waterfall and a huge rock shelf with precious shade on the high side where the younger, fitter folk were already set up. I got Tina settled, she was rather exhausted at this point.

Several of our group were already in the water and others joined them. I rock hopped hoping to get to the other side of the main stream, but with camera in tow I decided on discretion. There were after all plenty of wonderful pictures to be had in every direction. Back on the rock slab and joined by Tina, we walked up hill and toward the edge to be rewarded with the sight of a series of waterfalls rushing to the well worn course over and among the rocks. There in the pool at the bottom of the third fall were several of our hardier souls frollicking and enjoying the experience to the full. Bell River GorgeBell River GorgeBell River Gorge swimming hole.

There were boabs here, both alive and very dead. Boab Bark and Leaf PatternsBoab Bark and Leaf PatternsBoab Bark and Leaf Patterns at Bell Gorge WA They made interesting studies, particularly one huge one where a few remaining leaves cast interesting shadows.  As always happens the time came to leave. We crossed the steps and started up hill when Eddie joined us and took over guiding Tina up the rock path. They were all talking so intently that we couldn't believe we were back on the high path and nearly up to the coach. There was the inevitable long queue for the girls Loo's but everyone was too relaxed to get annoyed. The blokes, of course, just wandered off, out of sight. 

Because of the range of pictures in this spot I will add some more at the end of this mail. And so to follow the timeline we'll continue our day.

Jamie had been letting individuals ride shotgun with him in the cab and this time it was my turn. The huge glass window in the front provided a great view, completely different from our usual seat in the coach. At one point both Jamie and I shouted "Snake" and the breaks were applied as a large king brown very reluctantly moved from his position sunning in the middle of the road and disappeared into the high grasses. Further on we passed 4wd's racing along in huge clouds of dust and as the sun got lower a road train thundered up to us and passed.  

Kimberley Road Train WAKimberley Road Train WA We just stopped! there was no forward vision for a minute or two.  I'm sure I've mentioned before, that the evening light in the Kimberleys is absolutely beautiful and lasting well past the setting of the sun. Despite the lack of cloud the sky turns though a rainbow full of colour over the hills, ending up with an intense blue. We are having a day off tomorrow, but in the evening were being taken to a lookout point near Mount Hart to watch this phenomenon, aided by a glass of bubbly. That is as I said for tomorrow. 

More pictures from this day!

Long After the Road TrainLong After the Road Train







Bell River Pool Above FallsBell River Pool Above FallsBell River Pool Above Falls




Bell River Pool Above FallsBell River Pool Above FallsBell River Pool Above falls water running into pool.






Bell River GorgeBell River GorgeBell River Gorge below the falls.





Bells Gorge FallsBells Gorge FallsBells Gorge Falls Kimberley








That's all folks - Don't forget that there is an album of all the photos fit to show in the gallery, which is being added to almost every day now. If you'd really like a copy of any of my work just click on the BUY button and follow the bouncing ball, figuratively. Nulab in Melbourne will print your request, take your money and credit me with a small sum. Their work is excellent.

Peter Cotton.


Maureen Bath(non-registered)
Beautiful...thanks again Peter
Helen locke(non-registered)
Stunning photos . Love the waterfall picture. swimming in bell gorge was the higlight of the trip for me
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